Low cost holidays: plan your 2010

plan 2010 holidaysIn this world more and more connected, every year tourist routes change. Tourist operators are organizing the top ten list of low cost holidays. Iceland, Thailand, London, South Africa, Malaysia, Mexico, India, Bulgaria, Kenya, Las Vegas, here are the Lonely Planet places to see without spending big amounts of money.

As Lonely Planet usually does, its advices regards exciting travels at low cost prices. In the list there’s a surprising Iceland, where prices are going down to develop tourism industry and facing the big crisis. Icelandair is offering very affordable flying rates. Other unexpected destinations are Bulgaria, a wonderful land in the eastern part of Europe, that recently entered European Union.

On the other side Thailand is one of the most affordable long-haul destinations. Simple beach bungalows are really welcoming and resorts always offer special rates in low season.

Remainig in Europe what was known as the expensive London is revising downward its prices,  as a result of the economic crisis. Restaurants and luxury hotels have lowered their fares and few hotels even offer rooms starting from one pound!

2010 will be the year of South Africa, where the World Football Championship will be held. With the complicity of a favorable exchange rate, South Africa is becoming increasingly attractive for low cost tourists.

Malaysia, finally, is considered the top choice for smart and exciting travel: flights are reasonable, living cost is low and accommodations are excellent.