The best cities for fun in the world (part 2)

las vegasHere we are again with the second part of this special chart thet presents areas devoted to nightlife, funny activities, art and culture. At the fifth place there is Budapest. That is not a surprise, considering it offers art, culture, fantastic food, thermal baths, big parties and so on. Budapest is not the right place for extreme fun or coolest activities but it offers  many things at a right price.

Sixth La Habana, where life moves with the sound of rumba, salsa and mambo and people knows littler of the amenities and the heaviness of the western society. Here life flows slowly, keeping pieces from the past in a pleasant atmosphere where the whole concept of fun should be revaluated in another way. The capital town of Cuba is still a paradise but it can change radically in few years.

Surprisingly for me then we find Montreal in Canada, that is a very lively city, especially the centre and the zone around Boulevard Saint-Laurent, full of pubs, discos and clubs for all kind of tastes.

Las Vegas could not be missed by those crazy people from Lonely Planet. Its casinos, istant weddings, the place where every kind of dream every kind of dream can be virtually fulfilled.

At the penultimate place (but not for this reason it isn’t fun) Lisbon, the capital of Portougal. Facing the Ocean with its picturesque atmosphere, Lisbon offers a different kind of amusement. Clubs located in the Barrio Alto, bars, cafes, immersed in a poetic surround, offer a peaceful and magic source of energy.

The last one is Istanbul, the city where East meets West, a place where many parts of history had been written. A marvellous landscape, dominated by Byzantine architecture. Markets, colours, millenary and contemporary arts.

Image Flickr creative commons license, courtesy by: Bobasonic