Tiburzi, the bandit from Tuscany

According to some legends and a poem by an anonymous, Domenico Tiburzi, was the bandit who lived in the Maremma during 19th century.

There are both supporters of this theory, pointing the finger to him as responsible of 20 homicides, since he was very cruel, and the defenders, who, even today, keep saying he was nothing but a romantic hero who was helping the poor people by stealing from the rich ones.

Tiburzi’s mission, as some supporters call his action, ended on 23rd October 1896, when the Italian police stopped him at night, after having set a trap in the houseof the Franci family who hosted him.

According to local news, there was a shooting and he was hit on a leg. Nothing is clear after this point, and all the night is still a mystery.

There were more then hundreds of researches during these years, but both police and investigators weren’t able to find out what really happened that night.

Legends say Tiburzi, also known as “King of Lamone”, the nickname he got, killed himself, preferring to die instead of go to jale.

There was a honorable burial, even if the priest of Capalbio at first refused to have a real funeral service, saying that man was just a criminal, and sinners don’t deserve such a thing.

Citizens, on the contrary, wanted to commemorate this great man, seeing in him “a paladin of the rights of the weak”. So they made a deal: half of the body of Tiburzi could be buried inside the cemetery; the other half had to be buried outside.

The legs were buried inside, while the head and the chest oustide, since there were the evil parts of his body.

It’s been ages, and the Maremma area, even today, doesn’t know the facts of that night. That’s also why this death is still something fascintating for tourists.