Five reasons why is better to travel to Italy as a couple- part 2

Whenever you decide to travel to Italy, of course you can choose to travel by yourself or with your partner. For those who are thinking about traveling alone, here there are last 2 out of the 5  reasons why not to do it.

Why? Simply because it’s so much better being in 2, in order to do the following activities which are definitely the most romantic ones, and there would be no way to do them without the person you are in love with.

Food is tastier if shared! You can find it funny, but it’s true: think about eating pasta or lasagna. Do you really want to be alone while enjoying these great meals? Not to mention pizza, of course. You want to shape your body? Don’t eat a whole pizza by yourself, share it with your lover, before tasting a great cup of gelato!

Renting a car or call a taxi is cheaper if you are in two. Save money and have fun while visiting around! Do you remember the movie starring Audrey Hepburn? Yes, Roman Holiday. The so-called Vespa, the scooter she uses with the journalist to go around the Italian capital is definitely so romantic and fun! The only thing, of course, is that you have to have your driver license with you in order to drive.

Don’t be shy, you are on vacation, so, enjoy every single moment and forget about how old you are: there is no age when you talk about love! You will definitely see the country under a different light, and you will fall in love with every single monuments and museums you will visit. So, are you ready for a trip which could become one of the greatest adventures in your life?

Buy the ticket and a very well written tourist guide, in order not to miss any treasures Italy has to offer.