‘Gusto in Scena’ -Taste on Stage in Venice (1 -3 March)

venice eventsThe first edition of Gusto in Scena (Taste on Stage) took place in Venice at the Molino Stucky Hilton two years ago. For the first time Italian wineries, food producers and the world of high quality restaurants met in the wonderful scenario of Venice.

With a unique ticket, costing 20 euros, you can enter the large foyer of the Molino Stucky, which houses Magnificent Wines exhibitions and the Seductions of Throat in the halls nearby. Participants are in contact with producers, who are  going to present their specialities.

The event is made for target consumers like restaurants, wine bars, representatives and experts, cooking schools, clubs and bars, sommeliers, hotel managers, buyers, distributors, hotel schools, institutes and international gourmet cuisine referrers, but also common people could enjoy it.

This year Gusto in Scena takes place in March, from 1 to 3.  This edition is dedicated to a special wine from Veneto Region, that has recently lost its name. Il Gusto del Tocai (The Taste of Tocai) is a parallel event in order to publicize the new identity of this wine. Tocai lost the battle with the Hungarians and was renamed Tai white and Tai red in Berici (in Vicenza Province) and Lison Classico area of Lison Pramaggiore (Venice).

Gusto in Scena is divided in three parts: Magnificent Wines (I Magnifici Vini), Chef in Concert, that is made of congresses and workshops and Seduction of Throat (Seduzioni di Gola).

These are the companies presenting Tocai: Col Bugano Società Agricola, Azienda Agricola Cavazza, Italo Cescon, Fattoria Pegoraro, Dal Maso,  Le Pignole, Bosco del Merlo and Mosole.

Tai is a typical production of Berici, presenting two types of Red, that can be compared to Cannonau of Sardinia, to the south-east French Red Grenache and to Alicante red (or black) of Spain, particularly that of the the area of Barcelona. Many people prefer it wih pasta dishes or the finest meats. Excellent with ham, poultry and noble with polenta and salt cod.

For most italians Tocai refers to white Tocai that nowadays has become Tai White. Pale yellow color, fresh aroma and vivid light, pleasant and fruity flavour, a dry, fresh and harmonious structure. It can be combined with light pasta dishes, cheese and fresh vegetables.

Veneto Region will be also protagonist in the Chef in Concert program. Tai and Lison Classico, will be combined with three excellent dishes made with Venetian Excellence: The Paduan Hen (Slow Food Presidium) and Lamb from Alpago.

In addition to these, Magnificent Wines will host about 100 wineries throughout Italy arranged according their provenance, sea, mountains, plains and hills. There will even foreign guests, wines from Austria and Slovenia.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license courtesy by resin