The best cities for fun in the world (part 1)

best cities for fun in the world berlinWhich are the best cities for fun in the world? Places where it is possible to find funny things and amusement? According to the world travel guide Lonely Planet, here is the list of the ten cities most fun. If you like adventure, enjoying holidays with friend, then you should not miss them.

Lonely Planet examine not just clubs, but also public events, shows, shopping, beach parties and much more. Even if you can not agree with the guys from Lonely Planet, it is interesting to know their opinions and motivations. At the top of this special chart there is Ibiza, the island of love, music, coolness and sexual freedom. If you enjoy dancing until morning in an international atmosphere with the best djs, then Ibiza is made for you. It combines crowded parties with wilderness and romantic dinners.

At the second place there is Buenos Aires, the place of relax, passion and tango. This city is very hot, as its inhabitants know how to have fun in a peaceful way. Food, shopping, shows, Buenos Aires is one of the biggest Spanish speaking city around the world. Here you will find the culture of hospitality and the secret of a pleasurable life.

At the third place comes Europe, with the capital town of Germany, Berlin. Mostly appreciated by young people, Berlin offers mainly a wide cultural program – the best in contemporary art in the old continent –  and a specially funny nightlife. In a few years Berlin has exceeded the fun of London or New York, because it is multicultural too.

Then we find Tel Aviv, that once has been the Miami of the Middle East.  That is not an exaggeration as long as really good music is here produced and  night clubs can really compete with those of Miami.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license, courtesy by Werner Kunz