18th February: Maria Luisa de’ Medici festival in Florence

On 18th February, the city of Florence pays homage to a great woman, the last member of the Medici dynasty in the anniversary of her death.

Maria Luisa de’ Medici in 1737 signed the so-called “patto di famiglia” (family’s pact), offering her family’s immense patrimony to the city of Florence. This means that all the paintings, sculptures and collections are open to the public and you can see them.

This celebration is devoted to art, that is why some of … Read the rest

The Long Night of Museums in Berlin – 31 January

berlinOn 31 January in Berlin the Lange Nacht der Museen, the Long Night of Museums will take place. In this special occasion, museums are open from 6 pm until 2pm. Last year 150.000 unique visitors have visited museums in Berlin.

The event is very popular with Berliners and tourist and it will be also rebroadcasted in the summer, the last Saturday of August, when visitors do not miss a chance to visit city museums in the freshness … Read the rest