Events dedicated to Wine – Vinum 2010 in Alba

vinum 2010 alba
Vinum is back. Incontri d’autore, Artistic meetings, that’s the theme of Vinum 2010, the event dedicated to wine in Alba, thw city near Cuneo worldwide famous for the extraordinary white truffle.

Three weekends are scheduled for the 34th edition of Vinum: 17-18 April, 24-25 April and 1-2 May. This will be a totally new edition with not only wine tasting, but also culture, history and architecture.

There will be three spaces, which will enable wine lovers to experience the town center of Alba, with boutiques and shops open for this special occasion. No more tastings in the streets and squares, but in relaxing places where visitors can better appreciate all the wines offered.

The Great Wine Bar of the Langhe and Roero will be at Palavinum 1, inside the Exhibition and Congress G. Morra in Medford Square, will be staged “, where you can taste and buy a wide range of wines.

Palavinum 2 is in the Cortile della Maddalena, taht combines wine and gastronomy, with the presence of regional wineries and producers of meats, cheeses and sweets from all over Piedmont region.

Finally Palavinum 3, in Santa Barbara avenue will host the tasting of the Great Wines of Piedmont, addressed an audience of true fans, led and edited by Italian Sommelier Association.

In the presence of producers Sommeliers will propose the best reality in Piedmontese winemaking industry. Barolo and Barbaresco, with retrospectives on 1999 and 1997 vintages and a focus on Neive Barbaresco, the so called Piedmontese Perlage, or the excellence of the bubbles in Piedmont and big Cru of the Roero

Once again there will be the Festival of the kitchen where famous chefs from all over Italy will display their latest discoveries as long as traditional preparations and links between plates and wines.

This year’s program also provides a conference entitled “Landscapes and Architecture of Wine“, that will be hold at the Teatro Sociale G. Busca. There will be also a photographic exhibition devoted to this subject, set up in the church of San Domenico.

The show Jazz divine is the magic touch for a special soundtrack. Then meetings, where producers are invited to speak, interviewed by reporters, accompanied by the performance of jazzmen as Stefano Bollani, Elena Ledda and Rita Marcotulli, Furio Nicastri, Dado Moroni, Marco Tamburini.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license courtesy by danielebneter