New Year’s Event in Amsterdam

amsterdamOudejaarsavond, New Year’s Event in Amsterdam is one of the most amazing night around the world.

Probably there are two category of tourists choosing Amsterdam for their holidays: those that prefer  arts and culture, and those who are attracted by that air of tolerance and permissiveness pervading the Dutch city.

Amsterdam can satisfy all your needs: theaters, cinemas, concerts, classical music, opera, ballet,  high-level musicians and ensembles that can perform into structures as the Concertgebouw that houses ‘Royal Orchestra‘, one of the best Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra.

Those who like to drink and dance until late at night can enjoy modern music, live media events, pop, jazz and rock musicals, but also disco and dance, house, techno and international artists and DJs known around the world.

The ‘brown cafes’, so called for the interior wooden walls blackened with age are famous as coffee shops, the only place where is allowed to sell marijunana and hashish.

Like all big cities, New Year in Amsterdam is full of parties organized everywhere and Main Squares (Leidseplein and Dam above all) are crowded with people waiting for midnight. Fireworks and special lights will be a fantastic frame to your night.

Furthermore, it does not happen every year, but when it happens, is a spectacular event: when the channels freeze perfectly you can not miss ‘The voyage of the eleven cities‘, a marathon on ice skates that takes place in January through the countryside of Friesland .

Image Flickr Creative Commons License courtesy by Claudio.Ar