Five reasons why is better to travel to Italy as a couple- part 1

ItalyWhenever you decide to travel to Italy, of course you can choose to travel by yourself or with your partner. For those who are thinking about traveling alone, here there are 3 out of the 5  reasons why not to do it.

Why? Simply because it’s so much better being in 2, in order to do the following activities which are definitely the most romantic ones, and there would be no way to do them without the person you are in love with.

1. Riding a gondola in Venice is for people who love each other
Never ever visit the city without having sharing the emotion to go across the places on the gondola. Venice is well known for its canals and the iconic gondola boats, which were used as a public transportation back in the past. Nowadays there are just a simple tourist attraction, having the gondoliere (the man who drives the gondola) singing some romantic songs while a couple is enjoying the surroundings, taking breathless pictures and, of course, kissing.

2. A bottle of Italian one should be shared with the person you love
As everybody knows, wine flows like water in Italy, and sharing a bottle is something ordinary for people, if you consider the fact the sometimes it’s cheaper ordering wine instead of water when you have dinner out. The wine is seen as a drink to celebrate, so what’s a better occasion to cheer than being on vacation with your partner? Sip it in good company, maybe before a romantic walk.

3. It’s mandatory to leave a love note on Juliet’s house
Juliet’s house is one of the most romantic symbols in Italy, and legend says you have to go there, take a picture while you are on the balcony, ask Juliet’s statue for a blessing and then, before leaving, leave a love note on the wall. It’s something mandatory actually, since it is like rendering public the relationship and let everyone to see how much you are in love.