Europeans prefer Green Holidays

green holidaysOne of the main travel trends for the upcoming year 2010 is regarding green holidays. On top of the preferred resorts, farmhouses and eco hotels are constantly growing and green cities are demonstrating their style and the sustainable way of life they are proposing.

Environmentally sustainable tourism is among the priorities of travellers for 2010. Cottages and eco-friendly hotel, that take care of recycling and practice energy policies are the preferred accommodations

First of all eco-holidays mean eco-conscious travellers searching for alternative solutions for their holidays. Italians (30%) and Spaniards (23%) are the most eco-conscious tourists, followed by Frenchs (20%) and British (14%).

It’s time to contribute personally to CO2 reduction and global warming stop. These issues are passing by less use of car driving – choosing train and public transports. Tourists, however, don’t want to reduce air travelling: only 9% of the French passengers, 7% of Spaniards and 6% of Italian are willing to do so, followed by a small 4% of British tourists. Airplane rates are still lowering and if you program your holidays months before, air travels are the cheapest way to move around the world.

Considering the whole planning of an eco-friendly vacation we have to say thatis not so easy for a tourist to find available informations on a journey oriented to the ‘green’. Informations are often insufficient and difficult to find.

Sweden wins the prize of the ideal country for a environment respectful  holiday. 21% of Italian tourists, 18% of French, 12% of the British and 8% of Spaniards say it.

In terms of accommodations Italian tourists (48%) choose farmhouses and only secondarily (30%) hotels. In third place, with 12% of preferences, placement in a sailing boat, followed by camping (4%).

Image Flickr Creative Commons License courtesy by Robert Crum