Getting around Lisbon

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, may not be the most famous capital in Europe, but it is not a bad reason, if you think deeply: prices are not as high as in London or Paris and monuments and streets are not that crowded!

That’s why sometimes Lisbon is called the city of relax and calm, where you can really enjoy your staying in this place where the keywords are: charm, colors, suggestive atmosphere, pavement cafes, magnificent churches.

Am I giving you the idea of what Lisbon is like?

Getting around Lisbon is really easy, and you can walk all the time. If you prefer public transportation, choose the metro: it’s clean, efficient and cheap. It’s only 1,15€ each ride (compared to the 1,50€ in Italy), and if you plan to use it a lot, then choose the Viva Viagem, that allows you to use not only metro, but also trams, buses and some trains going to Cascais and Sintra.

In addition to this, the metro runs from and to the airport, so you don’t have to worry about being in late and loosing your flight.

If you like panoramic views, find all the viewpoints (called miradouros in Portuguese) in order to enjoy the place from the 7 hills where Lisbon is located. Yes, 7. Did you know about it?

From these kind of terraces you can appreciate the beauty of the city with its colourful houses having terracotta roofs. You can relax and see the landscape while drinking an aperitivo or tasting the delicious sweets in one of the cafes in the area. There are often some near the viewpoints. If you are wondering which miradouro (singular for miradouros) is the best, the answer is definitely the one in the Alfama area, the one called Miradouro da Senhora do Monte.