Madrid Fusión Gastrofestival 2010

madridMadrid Fusion – Theatre of Ideas is a completely new experience that offers three days immersed in  a cool and magic atmosphere. Three days involving both work and enjoyment dealing with trends, creativity, talented new chefs, eco-cuisine, gastro-economy and so on.

This festival will be a special occasion for food lovers from all over the world to share experiences and knowledges. Many surprises are waiting for you: nomadic chefs will work in kitchens on the move; eco-chefs will present the latest avant-garde solutions dealing with sustainability and ecological developement.

From 25 to 31 January Madrid hosts the first edition of a competition for the most ‘desirable’. The gastronomic universe will meet for Madridfusión Gastrofestival. The best tapas bars in the city will host events and enthusiastically offer special prices (3 euros for a tapa and a Mahou beer). Exclusive tours into public and private museums will be organized, special exhibitions at major art galleries and a special play for children called “Magic of fruits and vegetables” on Center Columbus.

The first edition of Madridfusión Gastrofestival will develop  a new sensory experience with innovative and evocative ingredients. It will be starting next Monday 25 to offer more than palatable original initiatives designed to bring the world of gastronomy and cuisine to locals and visitors. Dinners with the best chefs and special tasting tour at the Mercado de San Miguel are things not to miss.

Madridfusión in collaboration with the city government will launch several activities spread over different cultural levels and linked by the theme of gastronomy. One of his most original proposals will be the chance to try specialities made by international chefs who visit Madridfusión 2010, in a special section called “Dinner with the Stars“. This first year we will have three great Australian chefs in Madrid, two Mexicans, one French, one Japanese and an Italian cook who will delight every kind of cosmopolitan palates.

Image Flickr Creative Commons License courtesy by garromeister