The Olive Tree Museum

Olive Tree MuseumOil, as you know, is a very important ingredient in the Italian cuisine, that’s why around the country you can easily find some museums dedicated to the olive tree.

One of the most important ones is the Fratelli Carli‘s one, located in Imperia Oneglia.

Having won the Award for European Museum of the Year, this museum shows how the Carli’s brothers have dedicated their family history to the olive tree, which is the symbol of this highly unique place. It is the testament to the passion and hard work which has driven the family for almost a century.

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Getting around Lisbon

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, may not be the most famous capital in Europe, but it is not a bad reason, if you think deeply: prices are not as high as in London or Paris and monuments and streets are not that crowded!

That’s why sometimes Lisbon is called the city of relax and calm, where you can really enjoy your staying in this place where the keywords are: charm, colors, suggestive atmosphere, pavement cafes, magnificent churches.

Am I giving you the idea of what Lisbon is like?

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The best cities for fun in the world (part 2)

las vegasHere we are again with the second part of this special chart thet presents areas devoted to nightlife, funny activities, art and culture. At the fifth place there is Budapest. That is not a surprise, considering it offers art, culture, fantastic food, thermal baths, big parties and so on. Budapest is not the right place for extreme fun or coolest activities but it offers  many things at a right price.

Sixth La Habana, where life moves with the sound of rumba, salsa and mambo and people knows littler of the amenities and the heaviness of the western society. Here life flows slowly, keeping pieces from the past in a pleasant atmosphere where the whole concept of fun should be revaluated in another way. The capital town of Cuba is still a paradise but it can change radically in few years.

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The best cities for fun in the world (part 1)

best cities for fun in the world berlinWhich are the best cities for fun in the world? Places where it is possible to find funny things and amusement? According to the world travel guide Lonely Planet, here is the list of the ten cities most fun. If you like adventure, enjoying holidays with friend, then you should not miss them.

Lonely Planet examine not just clubs, but also public events, shows, shopping, beach parties and much more. Even if you can not agree with the guys from Lonely Planet, it is interesting to know their opinions and motivations. At the top of this special chart there is Ibiza, the island of love, music, coolness and sexual freedom. If you enjoy dancing until morning in an international atmosphere with the best djs, then Ibiza is made for you. It combines crowded parties with wilderness and romantic dinners.

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Europeans prefer Green Holidays

green holidaysOne of the main travel trends for the upcoming year 2010 is regarding green holidays. On top of the preferred resorts, farmhouses and eco hotels are constantly growing and green cities are demonstrating their style and the sustainable way of life they are proposing.

Environmentally sustainable tourism is among the priorities of travellers for 2010. Cottages and eco-friendly hotel, that take care of recycling and practice energy policies are the preferred accommodations

First of all eco-holidays mean eco-conscious travellers searching for alternative solutions for their holidays. Italians (30%) and Spaniards (23%) are the most eco-conscious tourists, followed by Frenchs (20%) and British (14%).

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