The “Festa della Zeppola”: a festival in December you can’t miss

In the midsts of Christmas celebrations, in Positano, a very special festivity takes place: the Festa della Zeppola (“donot festival” in English).

It is a winter celebration during which some judges have to vote the best “zeppola”. People try very hard to do their best, levitating dough and frying, dipping in sugar or dribbling honey. They definitely want to impress the jury and win.

That’s what happens nowadays, but back in time the donuts were offerent differently. Put in a basket lined with some lemon leaves as ornments. The meaning of the event, in fact, is putting together all the products the coast had to offer to people and tourists. That means raisins, lemon zest, pine nuts, orange peel and honey all mixed up to make the “zeppole”, keeping in mind that the hole in the middle is mandatory not only to win the competion, but to recall the original recipe.

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‘Gusto in Scena’ -Taste on Stage in Venice (1 -3 March)

venice eventsThe first edition of Gusto in Scena (Taste on Stage) took place in Venice at the Molino Stucky Hilton two years ago. For the first time Italian wineries, food producers and the world of high quality restaurants met in the wonderful scenario of Venice.

With a unique ticket, costing 20 euros, you can enter the large foyer of the Molino Stucky, which houses Magnificent Wines exhibitions and the Seductions of Throat in the halls nearby. Participants are in contact with producers, who are  going to present their specialities.

The event is made for target consumers like restaurants, wine bars, representatives and experts, cooking schools, clubs and bars, sommeliers, hotel managers, buyers, distributors, hotel schools, institutes and international gourmet cuisine referrers, but also common people could enjoy it.

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Events dedicated to Wine – Vinum 2010 in Alba

vinum 2010 alba
Vinum is back. Incontri d’autore, Artistic meetings, that’s the theme of Vinum 2010, the event dedicated to wine in Alba, thw city near Cuneo worldwide famous for the extraordinary white truffle.

Three weekends are scheduled for the 34th edition of Vinum: 17-18 April, 24-25 April and 1-2 May. This will be a totally new edition with not only wine tasting, but also culture, history and architecture.

There will be three spaces, which will enable wine lovers to experience the town center of Alba, with boutiques and shops open for this special occasion. No more tastings in the streets and squares, but in relaxing places where visitors can better appreciate all the wines offered.

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Madrid Fusión Gastrofestival 2010

madridMadrid Fusion – Theatre of Ideas is a completely new experience that offers three days immersed in  a cool and magic atmosphere. Three days involving both work and enjoyment dealing with trends, creativity, talented new chefs, eco-cuisine, gastro-economy and so on.

This festival will be a special occasion for food lovers from all over the world to share experiences and knowledges. Many surprises are waiting for you: nomadic chefs will work in kitchens on the move; eco-chefs will present the latest avant-garde solutions dealing with sustainability and ecological developement.

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