The Carnival of Ivrea

carnivalThe Carnival of Ivrea, which started to be celebrated in 1808, is not only one of the oldest one but also one of the most popular festivals in the world. In fact, it is well known not only in Italy but also abroad, and it is mentioned in both schoolbooks and university ones, due to the anthropology aspect of the event.

There are several main characters, such as the miller’s daughter, the Mugnaia in Italian, having the General at her side. They have to guarantee the correct proceedings of the Carnival.

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Discovering the Gods and Goddesses at the Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Gods and GoddessesWhile visiting the Egyptian Museum, you will find so many Gods and Goddesses, and you will ask yourself why there are so many of them and what they are related to.

Ancient Egyptians believed in several magical practises, myths and stories, each of them related to a specific God or Goddes. All of them are important, even if it could be hard to believe for us.

In this post you will be able to learn the most famous ones, such as the ones you are able to see the most in the museum. The same one you can read about on history books and travel guides.

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Visiting the Monteriggioni Castle in Tuscany

monteriggioni castle

The Monteriggioni Castle is located on the summit of the Mount Ala, because the the so-called podestà Guelfo da Porcari wanted to dominate all the Sienese territory, especially because he wanted to gain control over the Staggia valleys and both the Via Cassia and the Elsa, some very important streets going directly to Florence.

Even if the fortress was built between 1213 and 1219, nowadays it still preserves its link with both history and culture, having its elliptically-shaped boundary wall and its 15 towers.

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The Olive Tree Museum

Olive Tree MuseumOil, as you know, is a very important ingredient in the Italian cuisine, that’s why around the country you can easily find some museums dedicated to the olive tree.

One of the most important ones is the Fratelli Carli‘s one, located in Imperia Oneglia.

Having won the Award for European Museum of the Year, this museum shows how the Carli’s brothers have dedicated their family history to the olive tree, which is the symbol of this highly unique place. It is the testament to the passion and hard work which has driven the family for almost a century.

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Tiburzi, the bandit from Tuscany

According to some legends and a poem by an anonymous, Domenico Tiburzi, was the bandit who lived in the Maremma during 19th century.

There are both supporters of this theory, pointing the finger to him as responsible of 20 homicides, since he was very cruel, and the defenders, who, even today, keep saying he was nothing but a romantic hero who was helping the poor people by stealing from the rich ones.

Tiburzi’s mission, as some supporters call his action, ended on 23rd October 1896, when the Italian police stopped him at night, after having set a trap in the houseof the Franci family who hosted him.

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